Interreligious Learning in Encounter

As teachers need to be prepared to act professionally in the context of plurality, they have to be prepared in teacher education. Sharing Worldviews is a didactical approach towards Learning in Encounter, which you can teach students on your university.

On the base of the 4 phase model university and college lecturers are provided with teaching material for teaching this model on universities. These materials are made by experts who are teaching the field of the diversity of religious and secular worldviews. These materials include thematic as well as didactical suggestions on teaching Learning in Encounter. By applying this model and using the materials from the platform university lecturers facilitate future teachers gaining competencies for an interreligious and intercultural dialogue in a respectful manner. You can apply the materials within your own courses or get connected with other universities which are in the program. So your students even can experience the sharing of different worldviews on their own.