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Interreligiöses Begegnungslernen: Grundlegung einer fächerkooperierenden Didaktik von Weltsichten© 2023
(Katja Boehme)


In a society comprised of diverse religious and secular views, what can serve as the basis of  interreligious education? How can this basis adequately address diverse philosophical, pedagogical, religious and theological views? Katja Boehme addresses this fundamental question in a comprehensive study. In this study, she shows how schools and universities benefit from multi-perspective learning through personal encounters. These encounters are a vital contribution to democratic education in a diverse society.

(This book is only available in German)

Worldviews© 2021  (John Valk)

A Comprehensive Approach to Knowing Self and OthersSharing Worldviews

  • Presents a grand account of worldviews across different cultures and religions

  • Investigates the variant responses of worldviews to existential questions

  • Explores how various worldviews understand universal beliefs


An Islamic Worldview from Turkey: Religion in a Modern, Secular and Democratic State© 2017 
(John Valk, Halis Albayrak, Mualla Selçuk)

This book is a journey into the heart of an Islamic worldview. IslamicIt asks challenging questions of far-reaching consequence, addressing matters such as the Qur’an and revelation; rituals and symbols embraced; nature of God, of humans, and of our knowing; dignity of the human, sacredness of life, and more. It precludes easy, prescribed answers, preferring instead thoughtful reflection on two basic questions: What does it mean to love God? What does it mean to be a good person? Carefully crafted responses are presented by a group of scholars from Qur’an Studies, Worldview Studies, Women’s Studies, Cultural Studies and Religious Education. It uncovers a dynamic understanding of Islam; one that meets challenges of the present, counters harsh criticisms, and breathes new life into a rich and longstanding tradition that continues to impact the lives of billions of people around the world.