Multiplier Event in Thessaloniki on 13.12.2023

contentmanager • 20 January 2024

13.12.2023: Multiplier Event in Thessaloniki

On Wednesday 13 December 2023, the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Greece) organised a multiplier event in Thessaloniki to present and disseminate the European Erasmus+ project "Sharing Worldviews: Learning in Encounter for Common Values in Diversity" (No 2021-1-DE01-KA220-HED-000032070) to the Greek audience (stakeholders, school teachers and future teachers). More than 75 people (professors, school advisors, school teachers, students and others) attended the multiplier event on-site and 22 attended it online. The event was broadcasted live at

Prof. Dr. Vasiliki Mitropoulou (School of Theology, AUTH) opened the conference by greeting the attendants and presenting an introductory description of the program. Then, Prof. Dr. Katja Boehme (University of Education, Heidelberg) presented the European program and the four phases of the Encounter/Study day, and Dr. Giorgos Fouzas, Teaching Assistant (School of Theology, AUTH), who presented the educational platform of the program. Prof. Dr. Katja Boehme (University of Education Heidelberg) described the "Additional Qualification" and Ass. Prof. Dr. Charidimos Koutris (School of Theology, AUTH) presented the website material for the universities. Afterwards, Prof. Dr. Vasiliki Mitropoulou (School of Theology, AUTH) presented the material for primary and secondary school teachers  and Ms. Maria Kesidou (Religious Education Teacher at Platon Schools where the Encounter Day for schools took place) described the experience of the Encounter Day for the school students. At the end of the event Maria Meke (statistician, MSc, School of Theology, AUTH) presented the results of the research conducted with the university and school students who participated in the Encounter Day of the project. 

The event was met with great interest by the participants who listened carefully to the presenters.

We thank AUTH and especially our partners for hosting this successful event.