WEL Ankara Team at Yarmouk University, Jordan

contentmanager • 29 August 2023

WEL Ankara Team member and project researcher Dr. Vahdeddin Şimşek visited the Faculty of Sharia and Islamic Studies (Faculty of Al-Sharee'e) at Yarmouk University, Jordan as part of the Erasmus+ Staff Mobility For Teaching  and Islamic Studies). He presented a brochure about WEL to faculty member Prof. Dr. Muhammed Selci, explained the purpose, goals and expectations of the project. Prof. Selci stated that he was impressed by the project and told Jordanian faculty members and students to be informed about the project as well. He also said that he would discuss the brochure of the project with the relevant people in order to deliver the faculty announcement screen, the web page and other links to the students' emails. For the presentation of the project, thanking Dr. Vahdeddin Şimşek, Prof. Selci stated that they would like to participate in the events to be held in the new semester.